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About the eBook and audioBook Service

What's this service called?

It's called eLibraries or OverDrive and is a provincially-run service. Some libraries have additional eBooks and audioBooks for loan - check with your local library for more information.  

How many eBooks or audioBooks can I sign out?

You can borrow 15 items at a time and check them out for 7, 14 or 21 days at a time.

How do I return an item?

Items are automatically returned (or expired). They'll still appear on your device, but will no longer be available. You can either delete the title then or borrow it again.

Can I renew items?

You can renew items if there are no existing holds. The option to renew a title becomes available three days before the title is set to expire and appears next to the title on your Bookshelf under your library Account. You can only use the renew feature once for each title you've borrowed.

Can I place a hold?

Yes, you can place holds on up to 10 items at a time. You'll receive an email when the hold is ready and will have 3 days to download the title. To cancel a hold, sign into your account, click the "Holds" link and click the "Remove" link for the title.

Will my mobile device work with eLibraries?

Most likely yes, but check this list of compatible devices.

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